Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 11

My heart is heavy! It is early in the morning and I cannot sleep! All I wanted to do was write!! (Ok! That is something new as a result of this challenge!!) Tuesday was a very rough day for me! I felt extremely unsuccessful in my leadership abilities and I have failed in the personal skills arena! The work I was engaged in with colleagues challenged my OCD for organization. Simultaneously I was receiving multiple requests for me to take on new challenges.  I have to borrow from my friend Yesi's post a few days ago, will I ever be enough???? I yearn to be everything to everyone! I am not enough and I cannot contain the tears! My heart is heavy and the cloud surrounds me! 


  1. Sandy, deep breath... You are exactly who God created you to be, and you are never alone. You are adored and deeply loved! Your honesty is precious to His ears and to my eyes! Thank you for all that you are!

  2. I just saw this Sandy, and you are more than enough! You are amazing inside and out!