Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 21

Saturday!  Dale is here with me and the "stir-crazy" has set in.  We decided to drive the country side today and see if there were any houses we could not live without.  We have had the desire to move out of the city for sometime, and it seems like that time is getting nearer and nearer.  We know it is an excellent time to sell our house, but not a great time to buy.  He thinks we can live in the trailer while we find or build the right place.... I just don't know if I could do it day in and day out.  While this has been my happy place this week, I am looking forward to the spaciousness of my house.  It just seems to have more freedom!  

After driving through Tioga, Lake Kiowa, and then through Gainesville again, (I know, twice in one week!), we decided to have lunch at one of my favorite eating places in the area.  Dieter's BBQ.  When I was growing up, it was Metzlers, but then the name changed as the Metlzer's brought their BBQ to Denton.  The food is the same, the turquoise booths are the same, and even many of the employees are the same.  I always stick to their sliced brisket plate, and Dale is just as predictable with his chicken fried steak and french fries order.  Oh well, since we do not do this all the time, we can both afford the splurge! 

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  1. We are in the same house buying situation. I considered the whole living in the trailer thing too. And then we all 4 went camping for a weekend. I could not do it!!