Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 19

Wow!  Talk about rain and the cleansing of the earth!  Well, it came a gully washer last night and our campsite is a mess.  I am going to go to Gainesville today to explore the roots of my home town!  It has been months, maybe even a year since I have driven the streets of my childhood, but a rainy day is the perfect day for a road trip!  Listening to vintage country music on Sirius Radio while reminiscing as I drive past favorite hang-outs, friends houses, and my old house can sure stir the emotions.  Miranda's song kept playing in my mind.... I just want to touch and feel this house again.  I am surprised that the owners did not come out and ask me if they could help me with anything because I could not make my truck move past the house for what seemed like hours. As the rain-drops fell from the sky, tear drops fell from my eyes.  I know they say you can't go back home again...

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